BIG THANKS to the wise and knowledgeable Indesign expert David Blatner, who helped me with two problems.

First, when I tried to cut and paste from Word to Indesign, something I have previously done on many book projects, it was just weird. In a 2010 post by David I discovered what I was doing wrong. Unless you open a text box in Indesign before you paste, Indesign imports Word as an image. You don’t want that. You want text, which worked perfectly when I opened a Text box and selected Text from the Tool bar before pasting.

However, I was losing all my formatting. Since I love to play with the formatting in INdesign, I thought it would not matter … until I realized I was losing all my italics. Once again, David Blatner in a 2007 post to the rescue! He said: By default, InDesign strips out all the formatting from incoming text when you copy and paste it from any another application. Fortunately, there’s also a way to maintain formatting when you paste it from some other applications. Open the Preferences dialog box….

I selected Indesign from the top bar, then I selected Preferences, then I selected Clipboard Handling and voila. Simply check “maintain formatting” and the italics come along for the ride.

For more valuable tips from David: