BERNARD SELLING is the founder of Writing from Within and author of Writing from Within, Writing from Within Workbook, Writing from Within the Next Generation and Writing from Deeper Within. An international writing teacher, musician, photographer, director and producer, Bernard has been teaching Writing from Within for over forty years. In that time, he has watched countless students successfully branch into other fields of writing with confidence.

Bernard holds graduate degrees in English literature from the University of Michigan and Theatre Arts/Cinema from UCLA. In addition to writing, producing and directing award winning documentaries and short fiction films, he created the autobiographical writing program for the adult division of the Los Angeles Unified School District and has taught at the USAF Academy, Loyola Marymount University, University of California at Santa Cruz, UC Riverside and UC Irvine. Bernard currently resides in Topanga Canyon and teaches Writing from Within in the LA area and online via conference call.

My name is KIRA ROSNER. I am a Writing from Within instructor and author of When Souls Take Flight: Coping with Grief, a soothing book on understanding death with emphasis on the longevity of the soul; The Power of Being Human, a guide to self-empowerment; and Taking the Longing Out of Belonging, a metaphysical dialogue with my soul. I created this website to celebrate and publicize Bernard Selling’s masterful approach to writing from within.